Missouri Tax Credits

Do you pay Missouri income taxes? Would you like to pay less next year, while helping to support Sherwood Forest at the same time? Our 50% Youth Opportunity Program (YOP) tax credits, available through the Missouri Department of Economic Development, allow you to do just that. These tax credits directly support summer camp programming, helping to bridge the gap between what families can afford and the actual cost of the Sherwood Forest experience.

Who qualifies? Anyone who pays Missouri income tax (including individuals) and donates at least $1,000 to Sherwood Forest. Gifts can be made in the form of check, credit card, or stock. An example of the benefits is shown below:

YOP illustration

Click here to download the current YOP Tax Credit Application with instructions or to print a sample stock donation letter.

Please note that tax credits are available solely on a first come, first served basis. We recommend calling the Sherwood Forest office at 314-644-3322 if you are interested in making an eligible contribution, or if you have any questions related to these tax credit programs.