Our Wish List

As a year-round youth development organization, Sherwood Forest offers experiential adventures and evidence-based programs that reinforce and support school-year learning…but the heart of the Sherwood Forest experience is (and always will be!) our residential summer camp experience. Here are some items you can contribute to make our campers’ experiences even better each summer. Donations can be dropped off at our administrative office (2708 Sutton Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63143) Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Cabin Improvement:
-large, turbo-powered box fans (3)

Arts and Crafts Supplies:
-Prang watercolors (30 sets)
-tempera paint (1 gallon of each color)
-sewing machine thread (3 packages)
-sewing machine needles
-clay (White Moist Talc Firing Clay)
-fabric pens (10 sets of 5 – medium point)
-fabric paint (set of 8 quarts)
-fabric glue (5 8 oz. bottles)
-fabric bolts
-digital cameras (2)
-HD flip cam video recorders (3)

Athletic Equipment:
-dodgeballs (2 sets of 6 from S&S Worldwide supply company)
-air pump
-ball pit balls
-hula hoops
-pool noodles (24)

Trip Equipment:
-baseplate compasses (12)
-nylon paracord twine
-frying pans (8)
-small dry bags for canoe trips (24)
-life jackets (50)
-canoes (10)
-canoe paddles (20)
-tarps (12)
-rakes (2)
-hatchets (3)
-trowels (5)
-backpack trailer

-books for camper giveaways
*We send every child home with a book each summer. Thank you for helping to make this possible!*
-cart for organizing and re-shelving books
-step stool