Quest Program

Quest is our year-round program which begins with a summer camp experience. Every phase of Quest is designed to promote individual growth and positive relationships, and our unique camp setting provides fun and recreation through active learning experiences.

Each year of Quest is complemented by various school-year Continued Contact components, school-year activities designed to give our kids the chance to develop strong relationships with peers and staff in their own communities. Children in 1st and 2nd grades participate in one weekend event during the fall to build on their camp experiences. Our 3rd through 7th grade campers attend two Continued Contact events annually. Campers in 8th and 9th grades participate in 16 meetings throughout the school year; during these meetings, they spend time researching colleges, universities, and trade schools, while also exploring a variety of career paths.

Read more about our specific programs below:

Discovery Program: 1st and 2nd Grade

Explorer Program: 3rd to 5th Grade

Leadership Training Program: 6th to 9th Grade

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