Leadership Training Program: 6th to 9th Grade

Quest continues with our Leadership Training Program, which begins in 6th grade and continues through 9th grade. All of our Leadership Training campers have the opportunity to participate in summer camp activities of their choice, in addition to various wilderness programs. By the time they graduate from the Leadership Training Program, our campers are self-sufficient, well-rounded, life-long learners.

Leadership Challenge is the 6th grade program, where campers identify individual strengths and areas for personal growth through multiple two- to four-day wilderness backpacking and river trip experiences.

Leadership Trek, for 7th graders, gives kids the opportunity to tailor their Leadership experience. In addition to short wilderness trips, campers can choose between the Wilderness Track or the Arts Track. The Wilderness Track includes additional backpacking and river trips, and the Arts Track focuses on the production of a play. Both the Trek and Challenge programs focus on developing teamwork skills and personal responsibility, as campers are expected to work with peers and learn appropriate ways to handle conflict.

Leadership Adventure, for 8th graders, allows our campers to continue the Track they began during the previous year. They take part in traditional camp activities in addition to their Arts or Wilderness focus.

Leadership Journey, for 9th grade campers, builds on learning experiences from Leadership Adventure. Our Journey groups plan a 10- or 12-day out-of-state trip to tour colleges and universities, visit sites of historical and cultural significance, and participate in community service projects. Past cities that our Journey campers have visited include Kansas City, Memphis, Washington, D.C., and New York City. Journey campers are responsible for every aspect of the planning process, including budgeting, fundraising, creating an itinerary, arranging accommodations, and coordinating college and university visits.