End Of Year Giving 2021


Today’s Campers, Tomorrow’s Leaders:

Support Sherwood Forest this holiday season!

Every child deserves the life-changing experience of camp. For more than 80 years, Sherwood Forest has provided a dynamic, compassionate community that helps youth channel their strengths and achieve their potential. Outside of the summer season, staff stay engaged with campers to strengthen camp bonds and be the supportive presence many need. Sherwood Forest is dedicated to helping families raise confident, resilient children, and then supporting those children in determining their own unique plans for the future. And it starts with you.

The impact of your support goes so much further than this month or this year. You are ensuring camp’s longevity and making it accessible to children that would otherwise go without this unparalleled experience. For families living in poverty, access to enrichment activities are hard to come by and becoming increasingly more difficult to find. Through the opportunity to become a camper, they are given an outlet to discover the unlimited potential they possess and start to see the world in a whole new way.

Learn about how you can maximize your giving to Sherwood Forest this year: CARES ACT 2021 Tax Flyer

Your gift to Sherwood Forest helps keep camp going strong into 2021 and beyond. Together, we can provide kids with the impactful experiences that last a lifetime.