Outdoor Education

At Sherwood Forest’s Outdoor Education program, education meets adventure in the great outdoors! Our immersive outdoor education program is designed to ignite curiosity, foster teamwork, and deepen learning through hands-on experiences in nature.

We believe that some of the best classrooms don’t have four walls. Our specially crafted curriculum allows students to see their textbooks come to life in the natural world. Our program seamlessly integrates classroom learning with outdoor experiences, creating unforgettable educational adventures.
Led by experienced outdoor specialists, our programs offer students the opportunity to explore forests, streams, and meadows, learning about local ecosystems and biodiversity firsthand. Through engaging activities such as nature hikes, wildlife observation, and hands-on experiments, students develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world and gain valuable scientific inquiry skills.

But our program isn’t just about academics—it’s also about building strong, supportive communities. Through team-building exercises, group challenges, and collaborative projects, students learn the importance of communication, cooperation, and leadership. Whether navigating our Tango Tower and high ropes course, solving a problem-solving challenge, or working together on a hike, students develop essential social and emotional skills that will serve them well both in and out of the classroom.

Join us at Sherwood Forest for an unforgettable educational experience that will inspire curiosity, foster teamwork, and deepen learning in the great outdoors.

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