We are deeply saddened by the senseless violence and loss of life at Central Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) and Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience (CSMB) high schools. Our hearts are broken for the families and friends of those killed and we send thoughts of strength to all those who have been injured and impacted by this tragedy.

For some of our program participants, the proximity of Monday’s shooting may cause a variety of feelings including increased levels of anxiety, sadness, shock or anger. Our Program Team is available to support our campers and program participants to feel connected to each other, grieve loss, understand the situation, and receive mental health supports as needed. If you or your child need support, please reach out to our office at (314) 644-3322 or to programs@sherwoodforeststl.org.

Talking with children about violence is difficult and at this time, words may be inadequate.  Below are some resources that may help you as you navigate this horrific event with your child.

Resources for talking to your children about violence:

Helping your children manage distress in the aftermath of a shooting

Talking to Children about Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers

10 Strategies for Talking to Children about School Shootings

How to Talk with Kids about Racism and Racial Violence

St. Louis Public Schools Resource Page

Sherwood Forest continues to invest in the Mental, Emotional and Social Health (MESH) growth of the children in St. Louis. We know that providing these critical supports and ensuring individuals feel safe and welcomed in our region is imperative to the health of the community.