It may be cold out, but here at Sherwood Forest, we are already preparing for the summer.

This November, our Camp Director, Rachel Tutwiler, and Assistant Camp Director, Aliyah Walls, hike the Blair Creek Section of the Ozark Trail along with their dogs, Zahrah and Tucker.

Years ago, our Trek campers would hike this 27 mile trail during the summer, but for the past few years they have been hiking the Trace Trail. Rachel and Aliyah went out to scout the path for future Trek trips.


The trail is 45 minutes west of camp along the Current River and starts at the Powder Mill Trailhead. During the 3 day hike, Rachel and Aliyah crossed creeks, tested out campsites, and enjoyed the scenic beauty of the trail.

While on the Trail, Rachel and Aliyah found signs that Sherwood Forest campers had walked this trail before. They encountered a Trail Box that was signed by other Trek groups from years past.


Next summer, the the 7th graders in our Trek program will return to the Blair Creek Trail.