Bayer Fund awards STEM grant to Sherwood Forest Camp for Summer 2019
Foundation continues support of Summer STEM Program Expansion for area youth

St. Louis, MO, July 17, 2019 – Bayer Fund (formerly Monsanto Fund) has continued grant funding to Sherwood Forest Camp in support of their Summer STEM Program. The program offers low-income youth from the St. Louis region the opportunity to learn about STEM topics in the unique environment of summer camp. The fields of science, technology, engineering and math help to examine the world around us, and there is no better place for children to get excited about these ideas than a month long program in an outdoor setting providing hands-on opportunities to see how these subjects are at play in their lives.

This grant from Bayer Fund will help Sherwood Forest conduct enhanced program evaluation and data tracking that will help staff continue to make program improvements and better serve participants. Through this partnership, area youth will continue to benefit from summer learning that expands their minds and fosters an appreciation of STEM fields. Sherwood Forest is thankful for the opportunity to join forces with Bayer Fund in their mission of strengthening communities and improving the lives of kids through education.