Camper Spotlight – Gilayah McIntosh

Sherwood Forest is proud to announce camper Gilayah McIntosh will attend Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, MI by receiving a talent and academic scholarship! Interlochen, one of the nation’s top boarding fine arts school, will be where she finishes her high school journey and begins her focus on musical theater studies. When asked where and when she became interested in musical theater she replied, “SHERWOOD!” It was there at camp in her first stage role as Annie that 8-year-old old Gilayah discovered her calling. In addition to igniting her love of acting, the camp experience encouraged her growth in other ways.

“Camp did so much for Gilayah”, shares her mom, Joelle. “She gained an appreciation for the outdoors, she learned how to make new friends and appreciate their differences. She learned to take risks (auditioning for the plays and going on the away from camp trips).  And each summer she became more independent.  All qualities I believe will serve her well at Interlochen Center for the Arts Academy.”

Like many Sherwood Forest kids, camp quickly became a way of life for Gilayah and her family.

“Going to camp was a major production for our family from preparation to return”, says Joelle. “In the spring, we would make sure the application was complete because camp was a must-do in the summertime. While there we would write letters to each other, which allowed me to observe her growth and learn about her experiences. When camp was over for the summer, I listened intently to endless hours of camp songs and stories about adventures and misfires. And while she was happy to be home, within a month later she cried and longed to be at camp with her new friends and sense of independence. Sherwood Forest represents true idyllic summer fun. I will forever be grateful to everyone who played a role in our family’s experiences with Sherwood Forest, Addie, Jeff, Darion, Aaron, and a host of others”, she continues. “We want to thank Sherwood Forest so much for all that you have done to enhance the lives of all young people that have been a part of your programs. Our family is a walking testimony of how you ‘help kids discover the best in themselves’.”

The Sherwood Forest camp family is thrilled for Gilayah and excited to see what the future holds for our rising star! To learn more about Interlochen Arts Academy, visit