This year, Sherwood Forest is thrilled to continue its partnership with the Saint Louis Mental Health Board (MHB). Since 1994, the MHB has been improving the quality of life for St. Louis City residents by supporting local non-profits that provide vital, accessible behavioral health services. The socio-emotional well-being among our campers has long been a staple of Sherwood Forest programs, making camp a great fit for MHB’s Community Children’s Services Fund. Approved by city voters in 2004, the fund has been distributed to programs that improve the well-being of youth and their families in the City of St. Louis.

“Sherwood Forest is a great fit within our current priority “children and youth are socially connected” which we define as safe and healthy relationships, strong bonds with their school and other community groups and strong families with nurturing parents/caregivers”, says Kristin Cowart, Children’s Services Senior Project Director at MHB.

“Every summer I have visited during the last few years something new and innovative is happening with the program and the camp environment”, she continues. “This summer I was extremely impressed with the quick transition the Sherwood Forest team made to move to an online camp experience. I loved the videos shared in a recent newsletter offering a glimpse into the camp experience, so much that I shared it widely with many of my colleagues. It is my hope that Sherwood Forest continues to be innovative, while maintaining the core camp experience that brings kids back year after year.”

To Sherwood Forest supporters:

“It has been such a gift to have the opportunity to work with the Sherwood Forest team. They are knowledgeable, creative, and so welcoming. Thanks to all of you for everything you do for your Sherwood Forest Camp family, nurturing dreams and changing lives.”

– Kristin Cowart, Senior Project Director, Children’s Services, Saint Louis MHB.

Sherwood Forest values the opportunity to work with the Saint Louis Mental Health Board to strengthen our programs and help equip campers with the tools to become confident, resilient, and successful adults. To learn more, visit