Sherwood Forest is committed to providing information about our community’s response to COVID-19 and the resources available to our campers and friends. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the resources available in the community, but was provided to us through the Deaconess Foundation and the Incarnate Word Foundation. Be sure to check your local school district and communities for additional information to supplement this sharing of knowledge.

Many sites are providing food to area families and residents. You can learn more about the St. Louis Public School District’s Grab and Go meals at St. Louis Public School District also has academic resources available on their website for their students.

Information from the Charter School Association:

Rockwood School District:

Gene Slays’ Boys and Girls Club will be providing web and learning activities, as well as providing food service:

All Our Kids is a gathering of various community leaders and has a listing of food service sites:


To learn more about the constant changes in our area regarding COVID-19, the following resources are available:

United Way of Greater St. Louis:

Deaconess Foundation’s Youtube channel streams their meetings

St. Louis City’s Hotline Number for the Health Department: 314-657-1499 and their Website:

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: