On April 29th, the Sherwood Forest family proudly celebrated our first ever Decision Day to recognize the Supports for Success program participants as they announced their post-secondary plans. The luncheon was held at Washington University on a lovely Sunday afternoon, with a diverse slice of the Sherwood Forest community cheering on our young people.

This Decision Day marked the first class to complete the Supports for Success program. In January 2016, Sherwood Forest launched Supports for Success to extend supports beyond 9th grade and prepare Quest program alumni for college and career success.

Designed for youth in grades 10 through 12, Supports for Success helps students learn economic self-sufficiency, forge community connections, and develop strategies for building healthy family and social relationships.

During Decision Day, program participants shared with the audience their plans for the fall. Our Seniors will be heading in many different directions like Truman State University, the Missouri National Guard, and Indiana State University, to name a few.

Each graduate received a Sherwood Forest blanket that will remind them no matter where they are, their Sherwood family has their back. Thanks to donors, we were also able to provide each Supports for Success graduate with a $500 gift that will support their transition into post-secondary education and/or training, whether it be a laptop or fees associated with continuing their unique journeys.