Dear friends,

As we start the new year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the powerful work I have seen since I have come on board. At the heart of Sherwood Forest’s vision is “transforming the lives of children through powerful programs that all allow them to discover their self-worth, realize their potential, and become productive citizens.” In order to help children grow into self-sufficient adults, Sherwood Forest is helping build core competencies that are essential to personal and career success.

For many children that participate in Sherwood Forest’s programs, camp provides an environment where children can explore their interests while developing problem solving and decision making skills. As stated in The Early Years: Career Development for Young Children “The roots of career development begin early in a child’s life. Through play, young children explore their environment, learn to problem solve, make decisions, and adjust to change. From a young age, children envision themselves in possible roles for their future. They talk about and try on their hopes and dreams.” Through intentional programming and relationship building, Sherwood Forest provides this opportunity for children to explore their dreams and grow as leaders.

Through Supports for Success, Sherwood Forest continues to support career development for our program participants as they transition from campers to young adults. Through the program, Sherwood Forest aims to provide youth with the life skills and supports needed to be self-sufficient, solve problems, and resolve conflicts.

The work that Sherwood Forest is doing is helping young people be more prepared for future career success. Thank you for the support that makes it all possible.


Prescott  Benson