On October 14, the Sherwood Forest community came together to celebrate our 2018 Leadership Program Graduates.

One of the graduates, Miette, shared remarks about her experiences at Sherwood Forest:

We, the 2018 graduating girls, have grown so much over past 5 years at camp. We’ve overcome great difficulty within ourselves and with each other. Learning to communicate effectively, fairly, and honestly, has already helped many of us outside of the Sherwood Forest Program. Controlling our temper, and expanding our patience with others. Listening and compromising, to reduce problematic situations. All done in best interests of the group. Our experience gave us an appreciation for nature and the outdoors that we would’ve never had without the opportunity of camp. Along with all of the things we’ve learned we also have created some of the best memories we’ll always remember. Singing our favorite songs in the van, jumping into the river from that really sketchy and dangerous rope swing, and so many other things.

The purpose of the leadership program is to help us learn how to address challenges within our school, day to day, and personal lives — all with a common goal of preparing us for life after high school and our future careers. I think certain traits we’ve gained through camp will help us achieve amazing things that are to come. Challenging ourselves to try new things at camp, and seeing the result and payoff of those choices, will make us more willing to try different things we may see impossible in our lives or careers. Sherwood Forest camp has changed us all and will continue to shape our lives.

Congratulations to our 2018 Leadership Program Graduates!