Camp is Back!

Leading up to campers’ arrival on June 19th, camp was buzzing with excitement. Staff worked hard to provide a warm welcome for everyone, prepping cabins and creating banners to celebrate the start of a new season. First impressions are crucial to setting a positive tone to the summer and to help campers feel the comfort of home, which it undoubtedly is for many Sherwood Forest alumni.

In St. Louis, the same excitement was present at the bus stops where our wonderful volunteers helped campers with their departure. From checking in families, tagging luggage, loading the bus, and riding along with the group to camp, their presence made it a smooth transition. You could sense the campers were filled with myriad of emotions as they got ready to embark on the two and half hour journey. We were finally going back to camp.

It was a cause for celebration to finally be reunited with campers at Sherwood Forest, with many smiling faces, big hugs, and laughter that we have missed greatly over the past year. You cannot underestimate the power that camp has to unify, heal, and inspire the youth we serve. As the sun went down that first day back at camp, it was only the beginning of a beautiful summer.