Dear Sherwood Forest Family,

After 53 years of service, Mary Rogers, our beloved Executive Director will retire at the end of the year.

Mary’s steadfast commitment to our campers has led to transformational change for the organization. Camp sessions grew from 12 days to 28 days. The Supports for Success program was developed to extend support of our kids to and through college. Research and evaluation efforts led to better programs for our kids and made Sherwood Forest a model for camps across the country. Our recent capital campaign succeeded in raising more than $7.2 million to expand and repair our campsite, build our endowment, and position Sherwood Forest for a sustainable future. Mary has expertly hired, coached, and developed an incredible staff team. These are just some of the many accomplishments Mary has helped make happen. The rest would fill volumes.

The Board of Directors has known this transition was coming for several years and we have been planning for it in partnership with Mary. In 2017 we began a Strategic Plan designed to prepare us to navigate this change successfully. We have strengthened our programs, expanded our fundraising capacity, invested in our facilities, and grown our governance acumen. Last fall, the Board appointed a Succession Planning Task Force that is working to find Mary’s successor. I am leading that committee and am joined by Immediate Past President Kent Rapp, Board Vice President Megan Waite, Director Emeritus Betsey Comfort, Board Members Alice Miller and Rachel Presley, and former staff member Jim Schallom.

The Task Force seeks input from all of our many constituencies and I would welcome your comments. Please email me at with your thoughts, questions, ideas, and concerns. The position announcement will be available before the end of March and we will keep you informed of our progress.

I know Mary would want me to thank you for all you have done to support her and Sherwood Forest over the years. Mary could not have done more to prepare us for the future, and is leaving us at the right time for a new leader to serve as Executive Director. Still, we will miss her deeply.

There will be several opportunities this year to celebrate Mary and her many accomplishments, beginning at the Blue Jean Ball on Saturday, April 27. I hope you can join us.


Marjorie L. Melton
Board President