This summer, a big goal of Sherwood Forest staff was to bring theatre back to camp, a longstanding activity that was the centerpiece of the conclusion of each session. Because of Covid-19 safety protocols in prior years, it became difficult to produce a show wherein numerous characters are on stage the exact same time. This year’s campers and staff were excited to produce vignette plays as camp returned to its tradition of theater during the summer.

Art Trek campers in the Leadership Training Program ultimately chose a duo of 13 Ways to Screw Up My College Interview and Regina Fletcher Wins the Science Fair, both known to provide a healthy dose of humor to audiences. This format of theater offered interesting character study and an opportunity for our young performers to try on different and varied personalities.

Art Trek campers in our Leadership Training Program served as the designers for the production and spent 16 of their 24 days at camp dedicated to creating their performances.┬áIn the first couple days of planning, campers decided on the set design, casting, and costumes for all of the characters. The campers also took a lot of inspiration from seeing the Saint Louis Shakespeare Festival’s production of Much Ado About Nothing earlier in the summer, which served as a great example of outdoor theater. It was there that campers got to speak with professionals who work in outdoor theater to learn more about producing a show outside.

Our incredible Art Trek counselors, Mila Sweeny and Lewis Black are both attending college in pursuit of theater degrees. Mila, additionally was a camper in the program back in 2016 and often credits her experience as part of the reason why she is pursuing a career in theater now.

A huge thank you to Mila and Lewis, and our longtime summer staff member, Kareem Deanes, for helping our campers put on an amazing show!