Sherwood Forest wishes to express its heartfelt sympathy and steadfast solidarity with those adversely impacted by increasing episodes of anti-Asian violence, hatred, and harassment unfolding across the country, including the tragic murder of eight Americans on March 16, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The racism and misogyny inherent in such cruelty, reinforces an ugly societal truth: Racism, racially motivated violence, and violence against women are real, ever-present and cannot and should not be ignored.

We at SF have a moral obligation to our campers, our staff, and our community, to call-out and denounce such insidious episodes of hatred, violence, and misogyny and to work towards a future without racism.

We at SF stand united with our world community in denouncing such conduct and ask that you join us in proactively working to eradicate racial bigotry, misogyny and intolerance of all kinds, wherever it might exist.