Awesome camp experiences aren’t just limited to summer. Over the winter, Sherwood Forest was very excited to re-establish a partnership with the World Bird Sanctuary. Thanks to a grant from the Missouri Department of Conservation, the World Bird Sanctuary is able to provide programming to underserved youth.

Over the past couple months, groups of Sherwood Forest 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders have visited the sanctuary four times. During our visits, we have been able focus on our program’s overall mission of building an affinity for nature and help our campers develop an interest in S.T.E.M.

One highlight from our visits was learning about the role that Sherwood Forest’s mascot, an owl impacts the environment. We learned many interesting facts about this predators hunting style, characteristics of raptors, and how we can do our part in making sure these animals survive. Campers were able to observe an owl fly and find out why there are considered a top predator of the night.

In addition to seeing an owl, campers have also been able to take an up close looks at a tarantula, snakes, frogs, and even a raven who could paint and solve puzzles. We also were able to be a part of the planning for the sanctuary’s famous annual “Eagle Day.”  During this presentation, we watched bald eagles, golden eagles, and vultures fly.

We were very excited for this opportunity from the World Bird Sanctuary and Missouri Department of Conservation. Through this partnership we will also bring some programming to camp this coming summer for our Boys and Girls Quest Program.